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A collection of electronic tools to help you find your way in the RNA world

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Visualization (Web Server)

R-chie & R4RNA

Visualize RNA secondary structures, RNA-RNA, RNA-DNA, and DNA-DNA interactions as arc diagrams >> Cite


Visualize CoBold predictions of transient RNA structure features that could aid or hinder the formation of a given RNA secondary structure. The source code of CoBold will be made available for downloading as soon as the manuscript describing CoBold has been accepted for publication.

Secondary Structure Prediction (Web Servers)


Detect evolutionarily conserved features from homologue alignments >> Cite


Simultaneous co-estimation of RNA structure, multiple sequence alignment, and evolutionary tree >> Cite


Detecting conserved RNA secondary-structure overlapping protein-coding RNA sequences >> Cite & Cite


Thermodynamic RNA secondary-structure prediction that takes co-transcriptional folding into account >> Cite


Predict RNA secondary structure features that could either aid or prevent the co-transcriptional formation of a known reference RNA secondary structure>> Cite

Circular RNAs


Search transcriptome sequencing datasets for circular RNAs, example datasets >> Cite

Comparative Prediction of Protein-Coding Genes (External Links)


A software toolbox for Hidden Markov Models >> Cite


Comparative, alignment-free, ab-initio gene prediction >> Cite


Comparative, alignment free gene prediction >> Cite